Kotori by Li Qin
Photo by blur

Seriously lol.. If there are shots i want ppl to know me by. Shots like these would be it.
Couldn’t ask for a better way to end 2016. Having a good shoot and company (expecting more tonight lol)

So.. 2016. How has it been for me?

Hmm.. Exciting to say the very least. But not quite as exciting as others i bet.
Meeting awesome people. Going to awesome concerts. Attending awesome events.
I don’t shoot as much at events compared to before. Or more like, i can go by without taking any photos. But that’s just me resting and focusing on what is i think more of a priority. I worry about it but i honestly hope that won’t be the main cause of me being forgotten by the acg community lol.

Very very VERY thankful for the book being well-received. Both friends AND fans were as important as ever in helping me out on this. Every single thing you guys did helped. The book selfie, the kick starter then every single one who followed on, CF Com for being helpful and willing to go along with my trolls Even just sharing by word of mouth was something i am thankful for. Like if i could i would list down everyone but i don’t want to miss anyone by mistake and end your 2016 with salt lol. But yeah i do (try to) remember.

Made a lot of new friends. I do hope we get closer. I see potential in spreading my retardness to you guys lol. The last few months of 2016 i’ve been totally caught up with work. Might not be talking with everyone as much as before. But hoping to make more time when workload lessens. It does tend to happen at the beginning of every year. So expect more jio’s this coming Jan. Lol. That means tomorrow.

Ok then there are the YUFC scumbags. Lol. I don’t know why i’m still in the group. But like i was just saying today; It is a bunch of just the most awesome people from the acg community. We aren’t anything like a team or group or anything. Just a bunch of friends hanging out doing stupid shit together. But we have a jacket and I wear it proud lol.

Oh as for my photography.. lol (Almost forgot to talk about it)
I actually have NO idea whatsoever where it’s going. The standard of the local community is really rising strong and fast. And i don’t think i’m needed (before anyone jump into any conclusions no this is not an emo post lol i’m just stating the facts). So just taking my own sweet time doing my own sweet thing. Oh one thing i have to share. Like.. I am still amazed when people tell me they look up to me (crazy happy actually lol) But im telling you now,
Don’t look up to me.

I am as average as they come. Look above me instead. Look beyond my photos. Capture something that I cannot. Not something that i already am.

Hmmm… what else left.. by now i already spent like 30 mins plus writing this shit. I guess it should be good enough for a final post year 2016. So like there’s that guys.

Wish everyone an awesome 2017. All the best ya you beautiful people.


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